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Each vendor is required to complete a vendor application which is available on the expo website . Below are a few helpful tips and guidelines for the expo:


·         Booth set up – go vertical.  A booth that is pleasing to the eye is inviting.  Plan now to make yours a show stopper.  Get your name out there with a banner, business cards, etc.  These can be economically ordered through Vistaprint and other sites.  Google for a discount code prior to ordering and receive enormous discounts.   You have approximately 10x10 booth space however, the sky, or rather the ceiling is the limit. Displays with height get attention.  Make certain to bring a tablecloth, it is requested that all tables have a covering.   2 chairs will be provided in case you need a rest. You may bring additional tables but they must fit in your assigned booth space.


·         Animal care –  Make certain all caging is free of rust, water and food bowls are clean and refilled frequently. Place hides in the caging to allow for a time of rest out of the public eye.  With thousands of people coming through, it can sometimes be overwhelming for your animals.  Make certain there is some sort of bedding at the bottom of the cage, which needs to be cleaned and changed out frequently. Do not bring any animals that are sickly or have wounds.  You will be asked to remove your animal for display or sell.  A well cared for animal is a loved and valuable animal.



·         Literature – Please have care sheets available to give to each person that purchases from you including your contract information for any help after the purchase.

·         Engage! – Engage each person that passes your booth.  Show yourself friendly and approachable.  Share your knowledge of product or animal.  We encourage you to not only paint a pretty picture of ownership, but let them know some of the hurdles as well.  An informed buyer is a happy buyer!

·         Licensure – if your animals require a permit, please have a copy of your TWRA or USDA handy. Follow all guidelines as you could be inspected. A link to TN animal laws is available on the website. The vendor assumes sole liability for knowing and obeying TN Wildlife laws. Please contact Rusty Boles at TWRA for the most up to date information.

·         Sales – bring plenty of change, and if you accept credit cards, bring that device as well.  Offer a written or printed receipt. The show closes each day at 4 pm but the building will remain open until 5:30 each day to allow adequate time for vendors to care for animals and assist last minute guests before exiting the building.

·         Educational talks – we would love for you to share your expertise.  Interested in doing a keeper talk or feature your product in a short demonstration?  Let us know and we’ll get you scheduled for a Coffee, Critters, and Conversation! Contact Crystal to get scheduled 423-237-5885.

·         Sanitizer – if you choose to allow people to touch your animals, please have sanitizer available and encourage its use.  To avoid potential theft, have the person step into your booth and do not leave them unattended at any time.  Be aware of the liability you have when you allow others to handle your animals. The expo and building owners are not responsible or liable for any damage to property or personal injury from contact of the animal.

·         Set up – Upon arrival, please check in at the info booth, there you will be directed to your booth which will be labeled with your company name.  The balance of booth fees is due at this time.  You will also pickup your vendor badges at this booth the morning of the show each day.  Set up times are from 2pm-6pm Friday and 7am-9am Saturday morning before the expo is open to the public.  Assigned booth locations will be at the sole discretion of expo organizers, preference will be made to vendors who reserve early.  You must notify us in advance of electrical needs and placement will be based on the electrical availability as well.

·         Load Out – tear down and load out cannot begin until show end at 4 pm on Sunday due to guest safety, complete breakdown and removal must be done by 8 pm Sunday.

·         Cancellation – If for any reason you must cancel, please notify expo organizers asap.  There will be no refunds of paid booth fees as paid advertising will begin as soon as you are booked. 

·         Advertising – expo organizers use various forms of paid media advertising including but not limited to radio, billboards, tv, print, etc. to provide maximum exposure of your product.  Be sure to forward any logo, video, or photos so they may be included. 

·         Involvement – The Espresso Exotic Animal Expo facebook page and instagram will feature interactive posts.  Some of the best advertisement is to engage in these fun interactive posts.  It builds a connection with the audience and they will seek you out when they attend the expo.  Watermark your photos and share away!

Remember, we need everyone set up and ready to receive guests by no later than 9:00 am on Saturday!

Contact us with any questions, we look forward to another successful expo of which you play such a large part! 423-237-5885

Vendor Information

  • Espresso Exotic Animal Expo June 1-2, 2024 in Dandridge TN
    Espresso Exotic Animal Expo June 1-2, 2024 in Dandridge TN
    Sat, Jun 01
    Jun 01, 2024, 10:00 AM EDT – Jun 02, 2024, 4:00 PM EDT
    Dandridge, 1145 Treadway Dr, Dandridge, TN 37725, USA
    Admission Ticket Purchasing & Vendor Booth Reservations here... The expo of all expos will be back in Dandridge TN June 1-2, 2024. For online ticket purchases and vendor applications for the last few spots visit
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