Exotic Animal Expo Vendors

2022 June Expo Vender List 

Angel & Alexa Birds

East Tennessee Exotics
Gecko Overload
Dil’s Doggie Delights & People Pleasing Pizzelles
Cantering Hoof Beats Farm
Bubbles Critter Essentials
Crafty Coop
Merry’s Cakes and Confections
CT Dragon’s

Deez Insane Balls

Blue Harmony Eclipse 

Healthy Living Pet Air Purifiers 

256 Exotics 

Itty Bitty Piggy Committee 

Bone Family Exotic Farm 

Frog Beans

Skye's The Limit Creations 

D&J Exotics 


Terra Fate Exotics 

Tuff Country Farms 

Snakes Alive 

Newport Cinema 4 T-Rex 

Critter Castle 
Frazier Farms
Shack in the Back Exotic Birds
Throwing Shade and Color by Layman
Jurassic Friends
DLG Livestock and Petting Zoo
Hurst Gems 
Tony Smith Bulldogs
Pet Time Pets
Miller Custom Boutique
Alot’l Bit Crazy
FFI Inflatables
Snow Daddy's
Two Shy Chefs