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Exotic Animal Expo Vendors

2022 October Expo Vendor List 

8 Legged Jumpers

Alotl Bit Crazy LLC

Blue Harmony Eclipse

Bubbles Critter Essentials

Cantering Hoof Beats Far

Cakes and Confections by Merry

Country Road's Exotic Pets LLC

Countryside Continental  Giants

Crafts by Design

Frazier Farms

Desert + Vine Botanical Supply

Eddie's Reptiles and Rodents

Exquisite Balls and Exotics

Frog Beans

Gecko Overload LLC

Lentz Exotic Pets

MK2 Exotics

Noah's Ark Exotics

NWI Chinchillas & Critters

Infinity Enclosures & Exotics

Feathered Wolf Creations

TNK Reptiles

Quakers Nest

Skin by Logan

Stitchies for Moose

Wildlife Outlet

Angel and Alexa Birds

Corrupt Cakes

East Tennessee Exotics

Dil's Doggie Delights & People Pleasing Pizzelles

FFI Inflatables

Miller Custom Boutique


Deez Insane Balls

Wendy's Winged Companion

Jackies Jewelry

Hurst Gems

Sunshine Valley Pet Boutique

D&J Exotics

Snakes Alive

Hedgehog Headquarters

Tough Country Farms

Itty Bitty Piggy Committee

Nikko & Rico's Safe Bird Toys

Critter Castle

Jurassic Friends

DLG Livestock and Petting Zoo

Snow Daddys

2 Shy Chef

Southern Fried

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