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Throwing Shade by Laymon W6 Rabbitry & Rattery Plus 

Blue Harmony Eclipse 

Devil Dog Customs 

Bubbles Critter Essentials & Double L Sales 

Cakes and Confections by Merry 

Frazier Farms 

Eddie’s Reptiles and Rodents 

Angel and Alexa Birds 

East TN Exotics 

Dil’s Doggie Delights & People Pleasing Pizzelles 


Wendy’s Winged Companions 

Jackie’s Jewelry 

Dreamz Pets and Exotics 

Hedgie Headquarters 

Critter Castle & Olivia’s Crochet Creations 

Smoky Mountain Boas 

Shanna’s Scentsy 

Juliana Leigh Designs 

Death on Display 

Jax’s Exotics 

Justin’s Critters 

Pinnacle Home Improvements 

Crojo Mojo 

L&B Reptiles 

Gecko Overload 

A’Lotl Bit Crazy Axolotls 

Hidden Leaf Geckos 

Dirt Hill Studios & Blue Meadow Bags 

Itsy Little Things 

Turtle Designs 

Infinity Enclosures & Exotics 

Simply Beez 


Jaclyn Salvalaggio Photography 

Lady J’s Sugar Shack, Jewelry, & Gifts 

Amanda’s Toadily Handmade 

Crystal Ball Pythons

C & Z Exotics

Azariah & Eyden’s Zoo

Jesse’s Rabbits 

The Birdz and the Beadz 

Hissy Fit Exotics 

Off the Path 

Further in Debt Ball Pythons 

Grumpy Ol’ Vet Printing 

Sugar Gliders R Us 

Nope Rope Ball Pythons 

Tofu’s Tanks 

Hurst’s Jewelry 

Two Shy Chefs

Snow Daddy’s

Juicy Dawgs

Bullets BBQ

Goodwin’s South of the River

Smokey Mountain Mac n Cheese


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